Information for parents

Information on Standardised Testing

Standardised tests in English reading (Micra T ) and maths  (Sigma T) are completed every year from first class to sixth in term three. They measure your child’s achievement compared to other children in all schools at the same class or age level. Information leaflets from the NCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) are available to help explain the meaning of these standardised test scores.

Click for the information leaflet regarding STen scores: STEN Leaflet.

If you wish to view this leaflet in a different language please visit the NCCA website.

Help My Kid Learn

The Department of Education and National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) has developed a website that brings together relevant information for parents and wider community to support children’s literacy and numeracy development. Visit the website to see how you can contribute to improving your childs literacy and numeracy skills.

Advice on achieving good attendance:

The NEWB leaflet outlines practical tips for parents to help children attend and enjoy their time at school.

    • Make education important in your home and let your child know it is not okay to miss school.
    • Listen to your child. Be interested in his or her news about school and ask about what he or she is doing.
    • Help your child to be proud of a good attendance record.
    • Build your child’s confidence by praising him or her when he or she does well.
    • Read letters and reports from the school and know the school rules.
    • Go to school meetings and get to know the teacher, staff and your child’s friends.
    • Don’t take family holidays during school term.
    • Be alert for reasons why your child may not want to go to school. If your child finds school work hard, talk to the school right away.


Tracksuits should only be worn on PE days. Earrings or any jewellery should not be worn to school and dyed hair colour is not allowed. Please label all jumpers, cardigans etc so they won’t get lost.


Girls should not bring anything of value to school. The school is not responsible for the loss of property. Mobile phones should not be brought to school. If there is an exceptional reason, the phone must be left in the box in the office accompanied by a letter from the parent.

Healthy Eating

Recommended Lunch-box Fillers: Give portion to suit child’s appetite & age).

  • Sandwiches: Cold meat, tuna, cheese, jam, salad. Raw vegetable sticks e.g. carrots, celery, etc.
  • Cream crackers. Small queen cakes.
  • Fruit e.g. bananas, grapes, kiwi, etc.
  • Plain biscuits e.g. rich tea, digestives 2/3 (not a full packet), Rice cakes. Seasame sticks.
  • Cheese dips/strings/triangles/slices.
  • Pasta, rice or salad bowl.
  • Drinks: Water Milk Diluted orange.


Pupils are asked to take home all lunch packaging. This reduces our rubbish bill and makes parents aware of lunch consumption! We recommend the girls use a re-usable beaker and bring water or a dilutable drink.

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