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Elaine Boland is the Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator for St. Josephs GNS.

What is the Home School Community Liaison Scheme?

The aim of the Home School Community Liaison (H.S.C.L) scheme is to promote partnership and co-operation between home, school and the community. Everybody works together with the best interests of the children in mind. Parents are encouraged to participate more fully in their children’s education and to become more involved in the life of the school. It fosters a sense of trust between the pupils, the parents/guardians, and the school.

‘Pupils spend 85 per cent of their waking time up to the age of sixteen in the home and in the community; the remaining 15 per cent is spent in school. This fact underlines the significant role that parents play as the prime educators of their children.’ (HSCL from Vision to Best Practice)

How does the H.S.C.L Scheme work?

Activities undertaken by the HSCL coordinator are:

  • Home visitations
  • Organisation of in-school activities and courses for parents
  • Advising and supporting parents on education- related issues
  • The promotion of a stimulating home learning environment
  • Meeting with community interests relevant to the education and welfare of pupils in the school
  • Encouraging co-operation between home, school and community interests

Home Visits

The HSCL coordinator visits parents/guardians in their own homes to address concerns they may have about their children in school.  They are offered throughout the school  year, as a means of bridging the gap between home and school. Support and advice when needed are offered to parents.


HSCL organises classes for parents/guardians and encourages them to attend. Such courses not only help parents/guardians develop new skills, but also recognise the importance of parents/guardians having time to themselves. It also gives them the opportunity to share in the life and work of the school alongside their children.

Parents will be able to participate in a wide range of courses, which we will run during the school day. These will cover many subjects and we will update this page to keep you informed when these courses are being run.

How to contact Elaine: 

Parents can come into the school and meet Elaine.

Parents may phone Elaine anytime during school hours on   086 7037082

Parents may email Elaine at hscl@stjosephsgns.ie

Remember, the HSCL Scheme is there for the benefit of you and your children; its success depends in large part on your input! So, if you have any ideas, concerns, opinions or requests, please share them with us.