Maths online

Mathletics is free to try for 48 hours, play for 10-15 minutes.

N.B. You need an adult to set up an account if you wish to continue after a free trial.  and Mathplayground are other Maths website that are divided into class units….again 10-15 mins

Maths Worksheets

Use this website to create Maths worksheets on any topic from addition to decimals. Answer sheets are provided to!

Board Games

Take out the board games in your house and play. Connect 4, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, playing cards all can help with developing mathematical thinking, problem solving and reasoning.

Check out this website with ideas of Board games to inspire Mathematical thinking.

Cool Patterns

Patterns are everywhere – some of them simple like the sequence of a traffic light and some of them are really difficult like the swirls on a snail’s shell. Your job is to make a pattern using any medium you want. You could knit a scarf in 2 different colours or you could build a tower using Lego with different patterned levels. You could even write a long sequence of numbers that follow a pattern. Be inventive and try and think of something someone else might not do. Use lots of colour. Take a photograph and share with a family member.

Maths Eyes

Develop your Maths Eyes and create a Maths Trail. Discover the Maths in the environment – This can be describing a shape; using maths words to describe the railings in a fence; working out the height of a tree using your own strategy or the rate of flow in a stream or playing hopscotch. Click here for ideas on the ‘have you got maths eyes‘ website