Some Fifth and Sixth class girls had a great day in Kilkenny when we went to display our project “Children helping Children” at the annual Challenge to Change seminar.

The description of our Project: The students were encouraged to come up with ways in which we could help other children less well off than themselves.

Our aims and objectives were:

  • Raise awareness of the difficulties that other children face.
  • Encourage the girls to help these children.
  • Fund raise for different charities.
  • Bring some joy to children in need.
  • Make a link with the work of Nano Nagle.
  • Raise awareness within the community of the work we are doing

What we did:

  •  “Teddies for Tragedies” – 6th class girls knit teddies to give to children all over the world. A local lady who works in Calcutta spoke to the girls of the work she does and she was presented with a basket of teddies.
  • Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal – all the girls were encouraged to put together a parcel for Christmas. A DVD of the work of this charity was shown to all classes. Team Hope sent a speaker to speak to 6th class about the work they do. Girls in 6th class pledged to donate some of their confirmation money to the charity.
  • Fundraising for Unicef – Halloween Dress – Up.
  • Knit- a-Square Project – 6th class girls knit squares which are then made into blankets for street children. They also knit little caps and booties for premature babies and finger puppets.
  • Raise funds for “Mission Alive” – a local charity which supports an orphanage in Zambia. On Mission Sunday the girls explained the work they are doing to the congregation and brought examples of their work to the altar. We gave a donation to this charity.
  • Raise money for MOVE – a charity which sends student doctors from Trinity College to developing countries for the summer months. Donations go towards buying medical supplies for these hospitals. We raised over €300 by doing an Ireland Dress Up day.
  • 5th Class did a project on the work of Nano Nagle.
  • 6th Class had a talk from Mary Hanlon “Because I am a Girl”

See pictures of our finish project below: