Our Proclamation for 2016

Men, Women and Children living in Ireland , we ask you all to pay attention to Our Proclamation for 2016 written by the pupils of Scoil Iósaif Naofa, Mountmellick.

  • We declare the right of every citizen to a proper, safe, warm home. Nobody should be homeless.
  • No citizen should be in poverty. Every citizen should have healthy food to eat and nobody should be hungry. Everybody should have warm clothes to wear.
  • Everybody should be able to go to hospital if they are sick and be comfortable in a hospital bed. There should be no patients on trolleys in hospitals.
  • We declare that every citizen in this country is treated with respect and all of us have equal rights.
  • Every citizen in this country has to do their best to stop climate change by looking after our environment. There should be no littering.
  • Every child in this country is entitled to an education.
  • Every man and every woman should have a job if they want one.
  • There should be no cruelty to animals.

May God bring peace and happiness to all the citizens of Ireland in 2016 and in the future.