Family Tree

Make your family tree with your child. You can do this digitally or by hand and you can go back as far as you want!


These instructions are for these projects:

  • The History of my Family: An extension of the Family Tree Project – tell us about your family
  • Peace: What does peace mean to you? How will we get there?
  • Who is your favourite artist? Tell us something about your favourite artist – A singer? A painter? A poet?
  • My Holiday: Tell us about your last holiday
  • Famous person from history: Choose a politician/sportsperson/actor/                         

Here are some ways you can produce it for your teacher

  1. Write it! Make your project on paper. (No bigger than A3)
  2. Type it!  Using Google Docs/ Word, make your project adding text, images and maybe video
  3. Build it! Using whatever materials, you want, build and make your project
  4. Present it! Make a PowerPoint/ Google Slideshow about your project
  5. Make a Book! Use Book Creator on an iPad or Chromebook to make a book about your project
  6. Video it! Grab a phone and hit record then send it to a member of your family
  7. Your way! Present your project in whatever way you want – whether it’s a virtual tour or even a podcast, do what you like!

You can do this project as Gaeilge or in English. You could do two projects- ceann amháin as Gaeilge and one in English.