Jar - Growing Butterflies!

Growing Butterflies!

Each class in our school have received 4/5 caterpillars which we have to take care of until they grow into butterflies. This is very exciting and we can’t wait to see our caterpillars change right before our very eyes! Thanks to the parent council for organising this activity. Keep an eye on our caterpillar to…

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20240320 102220 scaled e1711057186394 - Decorating Cupcakes in Fourth Class

Decorating Cupcakes in Fourth Class

We had lots of fun in Fourth Class on Wednesday decorating cupcakes. We started by creating boxes for our cupcakes and decorated them with Easter stickers. Then we decorated the cupcakes using icing, chocolate, marshmallows, smarties, glitter and lots more nice things. The best bit was when we got to taste what we had made.…

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