Teddy Goes on Holidays!

We are doing a project in junior infants entitled “ Teddy goes on holidays”. We are bringing home a Teddy from school for one night on “holidays” to our home and are writing about what Teddy gets up to.

March 7th – A Visit to Katelyns house

Teddy did some writing on my Etch-a-Sketch.

Teddy slept on my bed with all his new friends.

March 8th – A visit to Anna’s house

Teddy came to Nannys house, he played and danced with me. He met a new friend Brownie. He ate some fruit and sat on my pencil case.

March 9th – A visit to Alannah’s house

Teddy played in my castle with my dolls.

Teddy did some colouring.

March 10th – A Visit to Lola’s house

Poor Teddy had a hole in his fur, we sewed up the hole.

We gave Teddy some medicine because he was a little sore after getting sewed.

Teddy and I shared some chocolate and he got lots of cuddles for being so brave.

March 13th – A Visit to Sarah’s house


Teddy had a little rest in the garden and enjoyed the sun.

He helped me with my homework.

Teddy then went with me to gymnastics.


Teddy walked along the beam and was swinging  on the high bars.

March 14th – A visit to Keiras house

Teddy came to my house today! I fed him some milk and changed him into a baby grow. We watched Youtube together. Teddy stayed inside and watched at the window while I played outside with my friends. I gave Teddy a makeover and put clips on his ears while reading him stories. I looked after Teddy really well and we both had great fun together.

March 15th – A visit to Emma’s house

Today Teddy came to visit my house. Teddy had a great day and I love him. Firstly we went to supervalu and got the eggs to make buns. We made green buns for St. Patricks day. The teddy went missing and we found him in the high press eating nutella!

March 16th – A visit to Chloes house

After school we went to the coffee pot to have lunch. When we got home to my house Teddy had a ride on the bike with no stabilisers. We went to dance class then and helped to feed Joey the bird. Friday was St. Patricks day and Teddy watched the parade while I did my dancing. Over the weekend Teddy went shopping and got ice-cream. Teddy also went to he carnival and rode the merry-go round and the big terminator machine before he got some candy floss.

March 21st – A visit to Asiya’s house

Today Teddy came to my house! Hooray! After meeting each family member I introduced Teddy to our Kitty. They enjoyed each others company and here you go, Kitty went on her own way. That’s what cats do! To cheer Teddy up I brought him to the trampoline. He jumped so high that Teddy could see grazing cows behind the wall. Teddy brought so much  love to our house.

March 22nd – A visit to Elizabeths house

Teddy came to Elizabeth’s house today! After school we went to town with teddy. My sister and I got takeout chips, fish and juice. We all ate in the car. Teddy met my sister after school and Panda, my sister’s soft toy. They has a great time. We all played downstairs in Barbies bus and Teddy was in the new house. My sister gave Teddy a hug before bed and Teddy went in his bag. It was amazing to have Teddy for the day. I was so proud to have Teddy.

March 23rd – A Visit to Muireanns house

Today teddy came to my house after school. We went to Dunnes stores stores shopping. Teddy loved sitting in the trolley. After we finished shopping we went to supermacs for a treat. Teddy sat in the high chair and had some chicken nuggets. They came home then and Teddy relaxed playing my tablet when I went outside with my friends. At 8pm we went to bed all tired after our busy day.

Sitting in the trolley.

Teddy having chicken nuggets.

Teddy playing my tablet.


March 24th – A Visit to Aine’s house

Today Teddy came to my house. I was so excited to have Teddy for the weekend. He had a great time playing with me, playing the xbox and hanging out with all of my stuffed toy friends on his sleepover. He stayed up very late on Saturday night playing so he missed our trip to the Japanese gardens on Sunday. He was still in bed when we got home!!

Teddy playing X-Box!

Hanging out with my stuffed toys. Can you find him?


March 27th – A visit to Ambers house

Teddy came to stay in my house today. I showed Teddy all my other stuffed toys and Teddy made friends with them. We played in the sand and built loads of little sand castles. Teddy decided he wanted to knock on our Fairy Sparkles door and see would she come out to play but she was sleeping. We then went back outside and took Gizmo our dog for a walk around the garden. We played hop scotch and Teddy got lots of pink chalk on his feet. We cleaned him and let him have a rest on the clothes line. We had such a busy day playing in the sun, we were both fast asleep after our bedtime stories. We loved having Teddy over to play in our house.

Building Sandcastles!

Teddy visiting Fairy Sparkles.


March 28th – A visit to Emily McI’s house

Teddy came to stay at my house today. We played with my toys in my room. We watched TV and then went to bed.

March 29th – A visit to Darasimi’s house

Today Teddy came to my house. Teddy played with my toys. Teddy ate breakfast with me. Teddy went out with me to play with my friends in the front house and we also went to the garden to play on the slide. Teddy sat on the sofa to watch TV with me and Teddy played with me on my kitchen toys. Teddy watched my while I was doing my assignment. After the long day, Teddy slept with me for cuddles. It was fun having Teddy over at my house.

March 30th – A visit to Tammy’s house.

Teddy came home with me today. I was so happy to have Teddy. He went everywhere with me. We had a picnic with Teddy and my own Teddies. We had a great time. By 8 o’clock we were fast asleep . It was the best day ever. I wont forget it for a long time!

Can you find Teddy?

March 31st – A visit to Lia’s house

Today Teddy came home to my house. I was very excited to have Teddy for the weekend. Teddy did and came with us everywhere for the weekend. He went for a cycle on the back of my bike, had a picnic, played in the dolls house, went for a drive with all the family and put on his seatbelt in the car. He even went with me to my speech and drama rehearsal. He had a nap in my bed and didn’t wake up for ages. He came with us to McDonalds for chips and he shared with me. We loved having Teddy with us all weekend and we will miss him.

Going for a cycle!

Playing in my dolls house.

Having a nap!

April 3rd – A visit to Kellie’s house.

Teddy came home with me today. I was so happy to celebrate my birthday with him. Teddy helped me bring my dog Neo to the vet for a check up after school. When we got home we coloured pictures, played with dolls and had pasta for dinner. After dinner Teddy sat down with the whole family and watched a funny film. During the film Teddy helped surprise me with more birthday cake and a little family party for my 5th birthday. I was delighted Teddy helped me blow out the candles. When the film was over it was time for bed, so we brushed our teeth and went to bed. It was the best birthday surprise and we will miss Teddy.

Mmmm! Birthday Cake!


April 4th – A visit to Ruth’s house

Today there was great excitement in our house as Teddy came on holidays! Teddy helped me collect the post. We had a cup of tea together before doing our homework together. After homework was finished Teddy watched some television with me while eating dinner. We went outside to play and Teddy got to sit in the basket of my bike, while I cycled him around. Just before bedtime Teddy was playing with me in my bedroom. He helped get toys from under my wardrobe. Teddy got to go asleep in my cosy princess bed and met all of my other teddy friends. Teddy also had great fun playing with my sisters Buzz light year soft toy.

Doing homework!

Playing with Buzz Lightyear!

April 5th – A Visit to Zarah’s house

Today Teddy came to my house! Yaaay! We relaxed after school watching Paw Patrol. Teddy helped me cycle my bike. Then Teddy helped me with my colouring. After homework Teddy help me eat all my vegetables for my dinner. We did a great job! Teddy and I brushed our teeth and got into my bed with some of my own teddies. I hope Teddy enjoyed the visit to my house!

April 6th – A Visit to Ellie’s house

Today Teddy came home to my house. Teddy sat at the table with me while I did my homework. Then we went out to the back garden to play with my sister. He played in the sandpit and went down my slide. We had lots of fun. Teddy went to be with me and slept with all of my other Teddies.

Playing on the Slide


Sitting at the table.

Easter Holidays – A Visit to Erin’s house

Today Teddy came home with me. I introduced him to some of my teddy bears including Louis the Lion. He then went outside with me and watched as I played in the sunshine with my sandtable. He also listened to some music. Teddy got to sleep in my bed surrounded by his new friends.

Teddy is very excited today as we are going to Nore Valley park in Kilkeny which is set on a farm. We are having a sleep over there too in one of the new cabins. Its going to be a great adventure. Teddy got to meet lots of animals including the baby piglet ‘Denny’, the lambs which I bottle fed. He also met the owl and helped feed the rabbits and donkeys and horse. He got to go on a tractor with Louis the Lion.

Petting the Animals

Saying hello!

Feeding the horse.

Riding on a tractor.

Today Teddy is heading to Lakeshide holiday park in Mountshannon, Co. Clare. It is going to be a busy weekend here. Teddy is very excited. He gets to meet my best friends Eve and Zack and takes my dog Louis, for a walk around the lake and watches me and my friends zooming around on go karts. He wanted to try but his feet wouldn’t reach the peddles. Later Teddy relaxed by the big campfire.

Teddy was hoping to go kayaking around Eagle Island today with me and my Mammy and Daddy but couldn’t get a life jacket to fit. Teddy was attempting to dive into the lake but when he got on the diving board it seemed rather high, so he said maybe another day.

Its Easter and that means lots of things for grown ups, but for Teddy its chocolate day and an Easter egg hunt. Teddy made quite the haul and feasted a little too much. We went home and came back the next weekend too for more fun and games. Teddy really enjoyed the cap fire and the sing songs, especially the ‘cup song’. We were very tired going home and we slept in the car on the drive home.  We watched some ‘YouTube’ when we got home. We got a new book for bedtime stories too. Teddy’s new favourite song in ‘Galway Girl’ by Ed Sheeran. We asked mammy to play it A LOT! I cant wait for my next adventure when we go back to school tomorrow!




April 24th – A visit to Megans house

Our house was beaming with excitement today when Teddy came home. Let the adventure begin. We began by bouncing on my bed. Teddy loved to bounce, sing and read stories. Teddy and a picnic, read a book and had a drink. I gave Teddy a big hug. We had a great time on the swing. We had such great adventures. We shared a juice drink and watched TV. I loved having Teddy to stay.

April 25th – A visit to Amy’s house

Teddy came home with me today and he helped me with my homework. He also ate dinner with me and played with my toys. We had our tea and played some more. Now its time for bed for another busy day tomorrow.

April 26th – A visit to Alesha’s house

Teddy came to my house today. I was so excited. First I brought Teddy in the car to Portlaoise to pick up my big sister from college. When we got home we had some dinner. I did my homework as Teddy watched on. After homework was finished I brought Teddy to my Aunty Kay’s house to see the horses and the chickens. I played in the sand but Teddy didn’t because he was afraid to get his fur dirty. We played with all the toys and after the bedtime story we fell fast asleep after our busy day playing, feeding the chickens and playing with my two dogs Bailey and Buddy.

April 27th – A visit to Faiths house

Teddy helped me with my homework. Then he played on the slide. He had fun on the see saw but fell off. We played hide and seek. Teddy ate chocolate. Teddy played with sleepy bear and the got ready for bed.

April 28th – A visit to Emily D house

Teddy came to my house today. I was super excited to have Teddy for the long weekend. We had lots of fun. We sat together on the bench in the sun. We had a teddy bears picnic and teddy  made lots of new friends. Teddy had hot chocolate. We played in my bedroom together, Teddy wrote on my board and we were jumping on the bed. We played with my baby brother. We had teatime on Monday and went to bed early to be ready for school on Tuesday. I loved having Teddy. It was the best weekend ever. I loved my new buddy and I hope Teddy had fun.

May 2nd – A visit to Natalie’s house

Today Teddy came to my house. He had a great time playing with me. We enjoyed the nice weather outside. Teddy had a bicycle ride in the basket and his first lesson on rollerskates. I took Teddy to a kickboxing lesson and later we did our homework. Then we got ready for bed.


The end of Teddy’s Adventures!!

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